About Us

Imo State Investment Promotion Agency (ISIPA) was established by law in 2010 to facilitate, coordinate, grow and monitor all investments in the state economy with special focus on making the economy private sector driven.

ISIPA has good corporate governance provided by a Governing Council. Designed to be structured, focused, responsive and efficient. The Agency is focused on promoting culture of excellence and cooperation with MDAs* and the private sector, deploying best practices in operations.

The investment promotion effort of the agency are geared towards proactively marketing Imo State, internationally, regionally and locally as an attractive investment destination in Nigeria that offers an array of investment opportunities, therefore attracting the right type of investors that will positively contribute to the long term development of Imo State.

Our Functions

a. Mobilize foreign and local investments; accordingly, the agency functions as one-stop office for all investments into the state.
b. Plan, monitor, coordinate, oversee and evaluate all investments, privatization and commercialization exercize.
c. Arrange for effective dissemination of government policies and objects on investments privatization, and commercialization of enterprises.
d. Assume responsibility for the establishment of enterprises to be invested and go ahead to privatize and commercialize such enterprises.
e. Oversee the actual privatization of enterprises and ensue post-privatization monitoring.

What We Offer


(i) We respond to inquiries and pursue investment leads
(ii) We develop up-to-date investment guides, facts sheets and place Imo investments on the web.
(iii) We develop new markets within the state and provide information and customer service support to investors.
(iv) We host Investment Missions and Forums.
(v) We develop and disseminate investment information and incentives offered by the government.


(i) We promote the building of Enterprises and structures for sustainable investments.
(ii) We assist local companies to win new mandates locally and internationally.
(iii) We track and catalogue investors and businesses.
(iv) We make corporate calls/visits, streamline business liscenses.


(i) We link enterpreneurs with collaborators (financing, legal, technical, management and government).
(ii) We support entrepreneurs from Ideation stage to actual establishment of the venture.
(iii) We identify and tackle impediments to investments.
(iv) We focus on Sector/Trade/Company-specific facilitations and reforms.
(v) We meet regularly with investment banks and private equity firms to tap their pipeline and track investment trends.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values